Spelling Secrets

How to spell and remember the 100 most misspelled words as well as really long words. You can remember them and how to spell them forwards and backwards.

Praise For The Secret Spell To Spelling

I read Alex’s book and it is brilliant… and quite refreshing. It gives me hope that the things I have been trying to get into schools for four decades will at least find their way into the hands of kids everywhere… Great work!!!!

Dr Richard Bandler
Co-founder of NLP

Alex & Mum Teaching The Full Method At

The Best You EXPO

 More Praise For The Secret Spell To Spelling Book 

“Wow! Well done Alex. This book is a must for all children and their parents. It demonstrates that a child who is given a love of learning, the excitement to discover more and a learning strategy that works for him or her, has no limits. I would strongly suggest that teachers read this book and learn from a voracious learner and a young boy with a passion, just how much is possible. This is how all the children in your class can be!

Alex is a credit to his Mum Debbie and he is a credit to her.” 

Kate Benson

International Director of Education for the Society of NLP.

Owen Loves The Secret Spell Book

“Alex’s book has only one flaw… it’s extremely frustrating to see someone this talented write such a fantastic book at such a young age. I wish it was me! Really… this book is better than most books on this topic. Alex explains the fantastic spelling strategy in a beautifully simple way. It gets straight to the point, makes it easy to understand and remember and you find yourself making huge changes in how you spell within the first few minutes. Absolutely fantastic work. Alex is a bright young star who can help you to spell. Simply magical.”

Owen Fitzpatrick
Psychologist and co-author of ‘The Ultimate Introduction to NLP’

Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant. Alex’s book dresses one of the key issues facing children and adults alike. If you can’t spell you can look up the word and you can’t connect it with previously known words. Great Job Alex!

Peter Thompson

“The UK’s Most Prolific Information product Creator”

Alexander Also Has Featured In Local Press And On ITV.Com

For His Secret Spell To Spelling Book 

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  1. Hi Debbie. It’ was lovely to meet you very briefly in London. I’m very fired up about using this method with my class now. I may be in touch!

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